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Gracing Management

eMLi Gracing Management allows you to set criteria for gracing structure on the bases of different parameters for additional grades to obtain online solution for student’s gracing marks, which helps you to make gracing management precise & pellucid.

Any Organization in one or another way deals with Gracing. There are many cases in which gracing is offered. When the overall result is down, some higher authority decides to give some bonus marks to every students. Another case is when the question is cancelled or the question is out of syllabus at that time bonus marks is given to everyone irrespective of whether he/she has attempted it or not.

eMLi makes gracing management more accurate, less time consuming, easy to maintain, reduces human efforts, which helps to form a strong Gracing Management. Integrated modules help to form a gracing structure very easily as criteria can be set reviewing student's performance within the system such as projects, term-work, assignments, attendance percentage, internal exam grades, class tests, etc. As eMLi modules are correlated and integrated with each other, all these data can be revived within a less time which helps to generate a particular gracing format.

Gracing criteria may vary with different institutes. Thus, eMLi gives feasibility to construct a gracing structure as per institution's own guidelines so that institutes can customize parameters with ease.

Key functionalities:

    • Gracing panel
    • Criteria settings & gracing structure preparation
    • Thorough assessment of students with integrated structure
    • Sorting attainable students
    • List preparation
    • Grade updation
    • Retention
    • Less paperwork, accurate assessment, easy operating.

eMLi’s Gracing Management is applied both to Internal exams as well as External Exams(ordinance). It helps your organization in making a precise report of overall gracing given to students. Three types of Gracing- Subject gracing, Academic gracing and Class gracing will easily help you to distinguish out of main gracing scenario. 

Gracing Format

Ease of Assessment

Grade Upgradation

Students Summary

Business Intelligence

Interactive Dashboard of eMLi provides valuable information in the most convenient way to understand. With Projection Reports you can be prepared for any problems for reforms. 

100% Web Based

eMLI is a 100% web based system developed in PHP. You can access the software over Internet or LAN through any Internet Browser from anywhere in the world. 

Multilingual Interface

eMLi gives you freedom to work in your own regional language. eMLi uses UTF-8 fonts through which you can add, view and edit the contents in your language. 

Hardware Integration

You can use most advance hardware and equipments in your daily routine with eMLi. eMLi provides you a great flexibility to integration of RFID, Bar-Code, QR-Code and GPS like technologies. 

Problems of Present Administration System

  • Less Transparent
  • Time Consuming
  • Laborious
  • Highly Error Prone
  • Risk of data abusing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Risk of Rules Violation
  • High Operational Cost

Academic Hierarchy

Uneven Keeping of Power and Information