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University Management System Modules

"The University" can be any institute that conducts exams and awards the degree. In this context, the modules of eMLi:com-net can be useful to all those organizations having multiple centres/colleges. The management of multiple centres/colleges is somewhat different from campus management. Here, the authority is supposed to perform certain tasks which a college or centre is not supposed to do, e.g. Syllabus Management, Affiliation Management, Gracing, Result Declaration etc...

The eMLi:com-net is specially designed to provide an interface to University officials to manage their entire working on a single data-sharing environment. eMLi:com-net modules focus on providing a unique solution that can benefit universities and students. 

In simple word, we define University Management as Management of management. Hence, all existing modules are designed to produce output in The University context. Moreover, there are some special modules to establish a Decision Support and Management Control System

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Online University Management System Modules

  • Student Management +

    eMLi maintain student life-cycle for their entire academic curriculum. This module is used for complete student record keeping right from their admission till placement. Each activity of the student is recorded in eMLi Database.

    Managing the entire student life cycle from the time of admission to recruitment is the foremost thing to start with. Every detail is well formulated and managed.

    Student Information System by eMLi maintains student’s entire academic tour, from their admission to course completion, to keep the data up-to-date which provides a better management to students in the institute as well. Our solution provides complete automation to students & administration regarding their correlated tasks to accomplish academic goals on both the sides. eMLi is a complete integrated system, which doesn’t only record information but manages every academic activity of each student. Real time data & easy access allow you to keep control on students’ information and record data of their each task so that organization can generate reports & assess student’s development in the organization.

    Key functionalities:

    • Data Storage and Management.
    • Complete Academic Tour
    • Assignments, Term Work and Academic Project
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Student's Transactional information
    • Retention & Migration
    • Statistical Reports and Projection Reports
    • Interactive dashboard

    Unique ID System 

    Record Keeping

    Grievance & remarks

    Student Life Cycle 

    Admission | Fees | Activities

  • Attendance Management +

    eMLi will provide a Complete Attendance System. You can register the attendance of the student in two ways. One,as he enters the campus and second in each lecture he attends. Both system can be integrated to the RFID and Bio-Metrics devices. This module provides automated timekeeping and attendance tracking. Attendance records can be maintained through RFID or Bar-code.

    Every students/employees presence matters! A missed school day is a lost opportunity for student. Employees who show up for work on regular bases and give proper notice of absence are practicing good attendance.
    Manage the attendance of students from different disciplines of institutes on a single system and scrutiny the attendance process both for the students & employees. Module records daily attendance of students automatically so that educators do not need to waste their time doing administrative work.

    Module also allows you to generate various reports regarding attendance percentage as a part of disciplinary management and can differentiate between regular and irregular students in a matter of time.

    Key Functionalities:

    • Student wise summary of attendance
    • Last attendance taken
    • Date and lecture wise complete report
    • Monthly report
    • Subject topic wise reports
    • Complete academic attendance
    • Top Regular and Top Irregular students

    Employee Attendance System

    eMLi provides a powerful solution to maintain the attendance of the employee of the organization including Academic Staff, Administrative Staff and Other Staff. The Attendance Module will provide you a systematic way of management for the attendance of your employees. For academic staff (Faculties) eMLi will automatically calculate the work-load and for the rest of the staff members eMLi will calculate the working-hours. Some of eMLi's employee attendance reports are as follows.

    • Workload report for lecturer
    • Subject topic teaching report for lecturer
    • Working hour report



    RFID Attendance


    MIS Reports

    Parents can check the Attendance 24x7 online at        Student Information Portal (SIP)

  • Certificate Management +

    Institute need to maintain each and every record of student during the course. During the study, student ask for various certificates as an Identity Proof or Authentication. Once student is enrolled in the institute eMLi will start keeping track of each certificate given to the student.

    Students asks for various certificates during their study e.g. Bonafied, Transcript, Syllabus Certificate etc... for different reasons like Education Loan, Abroad Study, Higher Education, Higher Studies or Claiming Benefits form the GovernmentProviding different certificate to the students and maintaining records for received applications and issued certificates is a bit tedious task for the administrative office. Moreover, some certificates requires certain criteria to be fulfilled before issuing it. While some certificates requires to be issued for a specific number of time in a year or entire curriculum. Certificate Management Module of eMLi enables Administration to maintain these records with ease.

    The format of the certificate is kept dynamic. The administrator has to once set the style of the certificate and incorporate all the necessary details in the format itself. Just like mail-merge, eMLi will generate each certificate with given student ID as per the format specified. All major certificates are included in this module. eMLi can also provide additional certificates if required.

    Key Functionalities

    • Easy to issue & manage different kind of certificates
    • Flexible interface to form a certificate
    • Keeps a track of students’ details in a systematic way
    • Accurate data included in certificate
    • Unique number for each certificate for easy reference
    • Reduces human efforts
    • Thus, makes it even easier to prepare a format of different certificates
    • Provision of generating a new certificate from the system itself

    Transcript @ one click

    Apply & Approve

    Print & Issue

    Provisional passing | Transfer | Leaving | Syllabus | Transcript | Attempt

    Character | NOC | Bonafied | Consession | Medium | Refund Deposit

    Student can Apply / Claim any certificate 24x7 online at     Student Information Portal (SIP)

  • ID Card Management +

    Student ID Card is the key identification an institute can provide to their student. It's an official document which can be used in any emergency. Hence, keeping a track of ID Card records (Issued and Expired) is equally important as keeping track of financial records.  

    Some institutes asks to submit an affidavit by the student in the case of lost/misplaced ID Cards. Because misuse of Lost ID Card can lead to legal complication for the institution. To prevent the misuse of such ID Cards eMLi will provide you a built-in feature to Design, Generate and Issue the ID Card from the system itself.

    Integrating with attendance module, ID cards can be used with RFID, bar code and bio metrics system to take attendance and keep a track of attendance history.

    eMLi keeps a safe track of issued, re-issued, lost & expired ID-cards. Also it allows you to set fees structure & conditions to claim duplicate identity card.

    Key Functionalities:

    • ID-card can easily be generated with just drag and drop facility.
    • Once the ID-card format is prepared by the user, it can be printed.
    • ID-Card can be integrated with RFID, Bar-code and Bio-metrics system
    • Smooth and real-time attendance taking.

    RFID & BarCoded ID Card

    Unique ID Card

    Design | Generate | Print & Issue

  • Time-Table Management +

    Time-Table Generation is the major headache of any institution. With eMLi you can easily prepare your time-table for different class and divisions. The students can also be divided in Batch / Division in academic management. Hence, Time-Table Management Module will enable you to create time-table for each division or batch.Time-table can be prepared in two ways:

    Hourly System (Lecture-Wise Time Table): This option is for institutions looking to maintain hour-wise (lecture-wise) attendance. This option will enable administrator to make the time table from available staff and subjects. Everything, teachers/professors name and subject list will be available in a drop-down list to select while preparing a time-table. So just few clicks and time table is ready.

    Daily System (Day-Wise Time Table): Generally this system is adopted at school level where once the student enters, he is not allowed to leave the school in between the school time. A student is not allowed to select the lecture he want to attend. All the subjects taught in the class room is compulsory for him. Unlike college, a student has to stay in the same class room for entire school time and teacher changes according to the subject. In this scenario, management can assume that once a student enters into the campus he should be present in all lecture and activities of the class-room. So the attendance can be taken at entry point of the campus.

    eMLi's Time-Table Module you can easily set particular lecture for a particular day. Since time-table is completely integrated with attendance system, you need not to separately maintain a time-table for your attendance system.

    Key Functionalities:

    • Lectures timetable
    • Exam timetable
    • Timetable for academic staff
    • Tasks & activities management
    • Personal scheduler
    • Academic calendar
    • SMS integration
    • Increases organization’s efficiency
    • Systematic planning
    • Vanquishes human errors
    • Reduces human efforts
    • Eliminates traditional tedious scheduling

    Workload & Subject hours

    Year Plan

    Month Plan

    Day Plan

    Swapping | Special Lectures | Combined Lectures

  • Fees Management +

    Fees Management is a very tedious job till date and any organization need to take a lot of care while taking fees, as maintaining financial records is very important task in any institute. A proper accounting is also needed at the end of every financial year. 

    Fees management is very useful to simplify whole fees processing system both for students and administrators. 

    eMLi helps you out a lot in this factor with ease of work. An institute takes different types of fees (Fee Heads) e.g. Tuition Fees, Campus Development Fees, Activity Fees etc... Along with the fees, institute takes some sort of Deposit Amount from the student as a security deposit which at the end of the study refunded. In the county like India, there are certain criteria and fee structure for Specific Students e.g. Tuition Fees are Zero (0) for female. To manage this scenario institute need well structured fees management. Fees Management Module of eMLi is completely managed on the base of the fee scheme (Fee Taking Policy) prepared by authenticate user/admin. So clerical staff need not to remember each and every head and amount for the student. eMLi will identify student and same fees will be reflected on the screen. The system will identify the student, his current status, his fees history and on the basis of the Fee History records it will calculate the payable amount automatically. Hence the decision making at clerical end is eliminated. Organization need not to worry about old records too. Any kind of old record which is inserted in the system can be generated through reports at any time in future. Institution can get the fees amount ONLINE via Payment Gateway. Through the available reports Administration can get a bigger picture of the organization and judge the income. In this way, the decision making need to reform will become more faster.

    Key Functionalities

    • Student Daily Fee Collection
    • Head Wise Fee Report
    • Pending Fee Report
    • Duplicate Fee Receipts generated
    • Total Fees Collected Report
    • Head wise Summary Report 
    • Program/Course wise Head Summary Report
    • Fee register
    • Other customized report as per your need can easily be implemented

    The eMLi can easily be integrated with your bank's Payment Gateway. In this way, you can get the fees collected over the internet via Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card or Fund Transfer.

    Online Payment




    Reminders | History | Installments

    Parents can check the Fees Records and History 24x7 online at     Student Information Portal (SIP)

  • Course Management +

    Providing best quality education is the main objective of any academic institution. We believe that the management of the academics is even more important. The eMLi provides you the easiest way to manage your academics. 

    All academic management modules of eMLi are integrated and interlinked. Starting from deciding the syllabus, eMLi provides the teaching plan and curriculum management in best possible way. The syllabus can be divided in small portion to prepare a daily teaching plan for the faculties. Further the presentations or other material used in the class can be shared with the students through student-login of eMLi which will create a e-Learning Resource Center

     You can have different mode of teaching in your organization without collision. eMLi support flexible course management where you can define your own structure of each program which will not affect another programs. Even in one program you can adopt completely different academic systems e.g. you can have two program of M.Sc. one in Semester System and another in Trimester System.

    Key Functionalities:

    • Define credits & weightage
    • Syllabus arrangement according to institute working days
    • Different syllabus segments for class tests & mid-sems
    • Syllabus planning for short periods e.g. for a day, week, month, etc.
    • e-learning resource centre for students
    • Notes, files, documents, hyper links, videos, etc. can be shared
    • Automated workload generation on daily basis
    • 24x7 access
    • Systematic planning & execution
    • Real time integration




    Flexible Structure

    Year | Semester | Trimester | Any

  • Exam Management (School & College) +

    Examination Management is an integral part of any academic institution. The Exam Processing is full of variety in functionality as the examination is the ultimate method of the evaluation of the student in the education system. The progress-card defines  the performance of the student in each subject and defines criteria.

    eMLi is focused to provide you the best interface to manage your entire examination system. Currently administrators have great problem of managing the examinations. The eMLi will manage your examination in a well structured and systematic way.

    eMLi provides you an easy to use interface to manage your part of examination in your institution. In this scenario, Institution needs to summarize attendance of each student (with eligibility criteria) and  internal assessment, submitting the examination form to the concern University, making a list of student appearing in an exam, taking attendance of the students during examination etc.

    These activities are integrated in the interface of the institute in eMLi. In addition to all above year/semester ending activities, you will be able to perform following activities throughout the year. 

    Key Functionalities:

    • Class Test
    • Group/Subject Test
    • Internal Assessment via Preliminary/Terminal Exams
    • Assessment of Activities and Interpersonal Skills 
    • Combined/Aggregate Result
    • Weightage based Assessment 
    • Final Assessment for Progress Card
    • Notifying Parents about Result (SMS, eMail & Letter)

    Exam Form

    Eligible Student


    Class Test | Attendance | Internal Assessment

  • Result Processing +

    eMLi provides transparent, secure and smart processing mechanism for the Results Making Process for your institute. eMLi addresses all the major problems of Result Processing with best technical solution. eMLi's Result Processing Module is completely integrated with Pre-Examination Processes and Examination Processes. Institute have bigger picture of their student's progress

    Result processing is a part of post-examination process that needs accuracy and transparency as the betterment of students is based on their report card and grade history.

    The Result Processing Module is designed in such a way that gives power to administrator in managing all the activities from single interface. Institute need not to worry about the violation of norms as you can set your organization specific norms for Passing and Gracing. There is always a scope of Unfair Means in every exams. eMLi addresses all the essential management of such Unfair Means Cases. On the completion of the Exams, you can easily get the List of Ranker Students for particular subject or class.

    In the education system, student always feels that they are given lesser mark then they deserve. They apply for Re-assessment. The Result Processing of the eMLi will take care of all such students who applied for re-assessment. Entire management of re-assessment is covered under eMLi. You can set panel, assign answer paper to assess again, set the changes after re-assessment.

    Key Functionalities:

    • Incorporating Ordinances for Result
    • Upload / Enter Subject Marks
    • Gracing Management with Panel
    • With-Held Cases Management
    • Ranker Analysis (Class/Subject)
    • Managing Unfair Means Cases  
    • Re-Assessment Management
    • Mark-sheet/Bulletin Printing
    • Online Provisional Mark-sheet
    • Degree Certificate Management

    Online Declaration of Result

    Online Provisional Mark-sheet

    Accurate | Fast Processing | Secure

  • Gracing Management +

    eMLi Gracing Management allows you to set criteria for gracing structure on the bases of different parameters for additional grades to obtain online solution for student’s gracing marks, which helps you to make gracing management precise & pellucid.

    Any Organization in one or another way deals with Gracing. There are many cases in which gracing is offered. When the overall result is down, some higher authority decides to give some bonus marks to every students. Another case is when the question is cancelled or the question is out of syllabus at that time bonus marks is given to everyone irrespective of whether he/she has attempted it or not.

    eMLi makes gracing management more accurate, less time consuming, easy to maintain, reduces human efforts, which helps to form a strong Gracing Management. Integrated modules help to form a gracing structure very easily as criteria can be set reviewing student's performance within the system such as projects, term-work, assignments, attendance percentage, internal exam grades, class tests, etc. As eMLi modules are correlated and integrated with each other, all these data can be revived within a less time which helps to generate a particular gracing format.

    Gracing criteria may vary with different institutes. Thus, eMLi gives feasibility to construct a gracing structure as per institution's own guidelines so that institutes can customize parameters with ease.

    Key functionalities:

      • Gracing panel
      • Criteria settings & gracing structure preparation
      • Thorough assessment of students with integrated structure
      • Sorting attainable students
      • List preparation
      • Grade updation
      • Retention
      • Less paperwork, accurate assessment, easy operating.

    eMLi’s Gracing Management is applied both to Internal exams as well as External Exams(ordinance). It helps your organization in making a precise report of overall gracing given to students. Three types of Gracing- Subject gracing, Academic gracing and Class gracing will easily help you to distinguish out of main gracing scenario. 

    Gracing Format

    Ease of Assessment

    Grade Upgradation

    Students Summary

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Business Intelligence

Interactive Dashboard of eMLi provides valuable information in the most convenient way to understand. With Projection Reports you can be prepared for any problems for reforms. 

100% Web Based

eMLI is a 100% web based system developed in PHP. You can access the software over Internet or LAN through any Internet Browser from anywhere in the world. 

Multilingual Interface

eMLi gives you freedom to work in your own regional language. eMLi uses UTF-8 fonts through which you can add, view and edit the contents in your language. 

Hardware Integration

You can use most advance hardware and equipments in your daily routine with eMLi. eMLi provides you a great flexibility to integration of RFID, Bar-Code, QR-Code and GPS like technologies. 

Problems of Present Administration System

  • Less Transparent
  • Time Consuming
  • Laborious
  • Highly Error Prone
  • Risk of data abusing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Risk of Rules Violation
  • High Operational Cost

Academic Hierarchy

Uneven Keeping of Power and Information